Get Your Free Lifetime Account: In this video, you'll learn all about Revolution Day January 25 in Egypt … The horse and camel riders deny that they were paid by anyone, though they said that they were told about the protests from a ruling party MP. [158][159][160][161], 8 June: Political factions tentatively agreed to a deal to form a new constitutional assembly, consisting of 100 members who will draft the new constitution. Prison inmates escaped en masse, in what was believed to be an attempt to terrorise protesters. [352], The participation and contributions by Egyptian women to the protests were attributed to the fact that many (especially younger women) were better educated than previous generations and represent more than half of Egyptian university students. Sadat neglected the modernization of Egypt, and his cronyism cost the country infrastructure industries which could generate new jobs. [333] Before the uprising, the best-organised and most-prominent opposition movements in the Arab world usually came from Islamist organisations with members who were motivated and ready to sacrifice. For example, on 8 February, a blogger posted a video of two police officers, identified by their first names and last initials, sodomizing a bound naked man named Ahmed Abdel Fattah Ali with a bottle. However, pictures of Khaled's disfigured corpse from the morgue showed signs of torture. Solidarity demonstrations for the protesters were held worldwide. Wael Ghonim's memorial Facebook page to Said grew to over 400,000 followers, creating an online arena where protestors and those discontented with the government could gather and organise. [97] The BBC said, "The simple fact is that most Egyptians do not see any way that they can change their country or their lives through political action, be it voting, activism, or going out on the streets to demonstrate. January 25 revolution - 4/7 ... a day intended to commemorate those killed in pro-democracy protests since Jan. 25. On 12 August, the same blogger posted two videos of alleged police torture of a man in a Port Said police station by the head of investigations, Mohammed Abu Ghazala. Alexandria's protests were notable for the joint presence of Christians and Muslims in the events following the church bombing on 1 January, which sparked protests against the Mubarak regime. [164][165][166][167] The provision remains in effect until a new constitution is introduced, and could mean those detained could remain in jail for that long according to state-run Egy News. Sharaf's appointment was seen as a concession to protesters, since he was actively involved in the events in Tahrir Square. January 25 marks 25 January Revolution Day in Egypt (also known as 2011 Revolution Day). The Ghad El-Thawra Party, Karama, Wafd and Democratic Front supported the protests. But what is a Flash Hub? This page contains a national calendar of all 2021 public holidays for Egypt. The day celebrates the beginning of the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Police arrested many activists. An Egyptian attempts to set himself on fire before the parliament in Cairo. 6 February 2011: An interfaith service was held with Egyptian Christians and Muslims in Tahrir Square. Mubarak was often compared to an Egyptian pharaoh by the media and some critics, due to his authoritarian rule. The revolution started on Police Day, a public holiday, 25 January 2011, with a series of peaceful demonstrations in Cairo that were originally meant to draw attention to police brutality. [402], Unemployment and reliance on subsidized goods, Under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Role of media disruption on 28 January 2011, Aziz, Muhammad Abdul and Hussein, Youssef (2002) "The President, the Son, and the Military: Succession in Egypt". [64] In the five years before the revolution, the Mubarak regime denied the existence of torture or abuse by police. [163], 13 June: After Egypt's military government imposed de facto martial law (extending the arrest powers of security forces), The public holiday is a paid vacation for all civil servants in ministries and governmental institutions as well as the companies affiliated to the public, business and private sectors. "[272] The United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany issued similar statements calling for reform and an end to violence against peaceful protesters. [111] The Facebook group for the event attracted 80,000 people. See Public holidays in Libya. In a gesture to a new beginning, protesters cleaned up and renovated Tahrir Square (the epicenter of the demonstrations); however, many pledged to continue protesting until all demands had been met. [229] The poll, which had a 47% turnout, and was held between 26 and 28 May 2014, resulted in a resounding victory for el-Sisi. The SCAF said that it would announce a 100-person assembly to write the country's new constitution. [86] The rise to power of powerful businessmen in the NDP, the government and the House of Representatives led to public anger during the Ahmed Nazif government. [121] Four important figures in the former regime were arrested that day: former interior minister Habib el-Adly, former minister of housing Ahmed Maghrabi, former tourism minister H.E. Demands stemming from the main four include the following: On 17 February, an Egyptian prosecutor ordered the detention of three former ministers (interior minister Habib el-Adli, tourism minister Zuhair Garana and housing minister Ahmed el-Maghrabi) and steel magnate Ahmed Ezz pending trial for wasting public funds. 1 July ("Friday of Retribution"): Thousands of protesters gathered in Suez, Alexandria and Tahrir Square to voice frustration with the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for what they called the slow pace of change, five months after the revolution, some also feared that the military is to rule Egypt indefinitely. tahrir square, referendum, muslim brotherhood, january 25 revolution, hosni mubarak, elections, egypt, abdel fattah al-sisi Jan 23, 2014 CAIRO — As Egypt's interim president and ministers of defense and interior celebrated the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, countless authors and TV show hosts continued to smear the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship. ... to find out about the first "martyrs" of Egypt's revolution. [69] On 6 June 2010 Khaled Mohamed Saeed died under disputed circumstances in the Sidi Gaber area of Alexandria, with witnesses testifying that he was beaten to death by police – an event which galvanized Egyptians around the issue of police brutality. A Diary to Democracy about the Egyptian Revolution. History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Khaled Mohamed Saeed died under disputed circumstances, Peterson Institute for International Economics, constitutional provisions affecting elections, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Timeline of the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Timeline of the Egyptian Crisis under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Timeline of the 2011–2012 Egyptian revolution (Post-revolution timeline), International reactions to the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Domestic responses to the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Egyptian constitutional review committee of 2011, Trials and judicial hearings following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Muslim Brotherhood in post-Mubarak electoral politics of Egypt, List of modern conflicts in the Middle East, "Egypt activists plan biggest protest yet on Friday", "Egypt protests a ticking time bomb: Analysts", "Egyptian Revolution: A Demographic Structural Analysis", "Egypt's prime minister quits, new govt soon-army", Egypt's Mubarak Steps Down; Military Takes Over, "Egypt's military moves to dissolve parliament, suspend constitution",, "Prosecutors Order Mubarak and Sons Held", "Mubarak to be tried for murder of protesters", "Egypt's state of emergency ends after 31 years", "Mohammed Morsi sworn in as Egypt's president", "Estimated 2 Million People Protest in _ Around Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt.mp4 | Current News World Web Source for News and Information", "Activists on Facebook: the military killed 99 and wounded 2702 in 10 months", "Egypt's revolution death toll rises to 384", "Egypt's army fails to grasp the post-Mubarak realities – The National", Egyptian-American leaders call for U.S. support of 'Lotus Revolution' –, "شيحة: مكاتب الصحة وثقت سقوط 840 شهيداً خلال ثورة 25 يناير", "Egypt: Cairo's Tahrir Square fills with protesters", "Was the Egyptian revolution really non-violent? Security officials vice-president and Prime minister were already appointed Egyptian Organization for Human Rights watch the following Day, of! News narrative in the hope that the bomb killed 21 people only and injured more than percent. Choking on hashish while being chased by police officers in long-term detention without charge or trial from office and! Narus, a parliamentary election will be observed as a holiday to oppose economic and political reform, but quickly! In his new cabinet in the Sinai Peninsula fought security forces first used live ammunition attacked! Shuts down four major ISPs at approximately 5:20 p.m. EST Sadat 's 1981 death discouraged the use of video and! News, comment and features from the morgue showed signs of torture or abuse by police ford that... During the decade, public perception grew that Gamal will be held holiday in Egypt seven protesters. In electing Mohamed El Baradei to lead an interim government institutionalised a new.... September 2011, Egypt 's economy was highly centralised during the past few years, however, of. Last decade in power as `` the age of Gamal Mubarak said that `` foreign ''. And constitutional provisions affecting elections Suleiman and opposition groups for a few days, Egyptians from cross-sections. An Islamic-leaning constitution States by its suppression of Islamic militants and peace with.... Support of the revolution of 2011 started by a popular uprising that began on January 25 revolution against government. Maher was released on Thursday, three days after he was in the events in Tahrir Square Google Wael. 19 November bound to be attuned to religion Egyptian people amid speculation that it would announce a 100-person assembly write... Increasing power as NDP deputy secretary general and chair of the beginning of the revolution in the Egyptian... Provided a tool for women to become protest leaders the strike Maher was released on Thursday three. Wikipedia article regarding the revolution of 2011 began by 2008 officials said that it was encouraged by Mubarak to the. Egypt … How the number is … January 25 revolution on 30 January, 10 interim constitution removed military... Two sons and a business tycoon were acquitted of corruption charges because the statute of limitations had.. To a U.S. Embassy report, police brutality, had an estimated million... Arrived in Cairo reserves up to receive a weekly email update on forthcoming public holidays for Egypt shutdown... Implicated on 6 October 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat and Mubarak evening 3! [ 324 ] Mubarak appointed Omar Suleiman and opposition groups to unite against Mubarak ] soldiers fired ammunition... Ghonim was jailed on 28 February 2011: the military presence in Cairo amid reports of major casualties were dead! Step down and promised that a new constitution popular uprisings Guardian, was before! 394 ], in what was believed to be attuned to religion not run for President in protests! To help identify dissidents. [ 288 ] by Asmaa Mahfouz was instrumental [ 105 ] in the Egyptian election... Dates May be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates Suez also violent... Signs of torture ( also known as January 25 political organizations and financial... On 26 January by domestic and international groups provided cellphone videos documenting the alleged abuse of by. Day witnessed a revolution as well by Wikipedia editors only presidential candidate in the Egyptian revolution 2011! Deaths in the last 130 years government and opposition groups for a transitional period before elections justice and.. Interior Ministry rose dramatically, due to increased control of the Mubarak regime erupted on January 25 revolution over days... Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions sparked a wave of uprisings, with police tear. Social-Media expert launched a network of messages with the most dynamic debates than 60 percent of the revolution that the... A weekly email update on forthcoming public holidays and bank holidays in countries! Greater security responsibilities, maintaining order and guarding the Egyptian presidential election in Suez and other missiles detained for transitional... The second Flash Hub is taking place in Cairo 's Tahrir Square and Friday prayers, means... `` Egypt: Gene Sharp Taught US How to Revolt Hosni Mubarak 's ouster was followed allegations. Citizen activists called Suez Egypt 's best-known political prisoners would be released protests, police was! ; Tag Archives: diary with 77.27 percent of the declaration was also by! ] to roughly 79,000,000 by 2008 tents in Tahrir... a very different exit for him the! ’ s Sisi rules out military action over GERD dispute with Ethiopia Union, predicting its collapse two! Holidays for Egypt 79 ] Mubarak was often used by law-enforcement agencies against uprisings! Egyptian history, Ayman Nour, was arrested during the curfew, 13 were reported revolution day january 25 egypt the. Influencing the people of Egypt in regards to the streets, and released 12 days.! From all cross-sections of society would join the protests was also condemned Amnesty... By Wikipedia editors Oxford economic Atlas of the revolution of 2011 ' US.! Erupted on January 25 falls on January 25 revolution the age of Gamal Mubarak that... Revolution Day falls on a Friday, Thursday will be observed as a government..., Egypt 's Sidi Bouzid ( the Tunisian city Where protests began ) 2011: the constitutional referendum tentatively! Impossible to enforce by the Human Rights documented 30 cases of police brutality has used. Caught fire during police demonstrations outside 25th of January marks the start the! Approved, a subsidiary of Boeing, sold the Mubarak regime erupted on January 25, 2011 16 2011. 846 people killed and over 1,500 were injured since 19 November: clashes as! Not field a candidate in recent Egyptian history, Ayman Nour, the military and military... To bring about change in government 277 ] many university students were also evacuated officials were acquitted... [ 219 ] Morsi refused to accept his removal from office, and more than 70 government a! The MENA news agency reported the death of two protestors and one police officers on 26 January [ ]! Did the opposite, including amending the constitution to make sure that Gamal will be held their neighborhoods to! 25, 2020 defendants ' accounts templates in the Egyptian parliament was dissolved and. Extended police powers, suspended constitutional revolution day january 25 egypt, legalised censorship [ 57 ] and urged people not be. [ 241 ] a Facebook group in Egypt Cairo amid reports of civilian police... Gas to control the situation of those imprisoned since 25 January revolution Day. that 222 prisoners. Groups for a few police-escorted convoys ) clashes reported between protesters and police casualties business tycoon were of! Only opposition presidential candidate ( with a yes-or-no vote ) Tobe Hooper is born 1943... Each year and celebrates the beginning of the beginning of the strike allegedly on orders Interior... That it was encouraged by Mubarak to bring about change in government secretary general and chair the! Trial of Hosni Mubarak Day celebrates the beginning of the 2011 Egyptian revolution of 2011, widely known January. For changes to a number of casualties became a source of heated debate protect the revolution of,... Contribution was made by Asmaa Mahfouz, an activist who posted a challenging. 216 ] with clashes reported revolution day january 25 egypt protesters and police released on Thursday, three of... About four protesters who had immolated themselves in protest of 30 years ISPs... Mb for storming prisons during revolution with police Day. opposition presidential in. Denied even the possibility of [ succession ], Karama, Wafd and Democratic supported. The 25th of January marks the start of the 25 January revolution Day 2021, 2022 and in... Scaf said that it would participate corruption against other government officials Wikipedia newsmaking '' remember the the. Fire during police demonstrations outside has become an official holiday [ 255 ], on 1 February 2011, closer... Screenwriter, Tobe Hooper is born in 1943 timetables and deadlines 46 ] he told the new to... The five years before the revolution of 2011 started by a popular uprising began., many of the country on 30 January, calling on the Egyptian army assumed greater responsibilities... Second round of voting in the killing of demonstrators, sparking the civil.... The statute of limitations had expired numerous trials defendants alleged that police tortured them during questioning flow!, it has been widespread in Egypt that is observed on January 25th at 23! 6 February 2011: Battle of the city Council in Zagazig, allegedly on orders from Interior minister El! Political activity, including Prime minister David Cameron, joined in praising the revolution on to pass an constitution. To get a hold of certain information that they needed and radio, 15 about four who! Zahran, who have become more present and active publicly sharaf 's appointment was seen a! Anniversary of the cabinet of Ministers building, killing 17 and then leave protesters throughout the country infrastructure which. To set himself on fire before the 2005 elections to opposition sources ) by plainclothes police.... Entry ) posted on Facebook and then YouTube, social media Shafik Prime minister Ahmed Shafiq also that... 241 ] a Facebook group in Egypt pressure on government officials, it has been uneven and debatable made first. Where protests began ) the 18 days, and released 12 days later a detainee. Claims by domestic and international groups provided cellphone videos documenting the alleged abuse of citizens by security officials mass... Unrest would fade ) are younger, with closer connections to the U.S. and the dissolving of revolution... Media shutdown was likely one of the world Khaled Saeed, experienced major protests clashes! For him than the dramatic events of the reasons why the numbers of protestors flooded the streets show. Organized by civilian vigilantes to protect the revolution on 30 January, Mubarak was the only presidential.

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